For the typical retail establishment lighting, heating and cooling can account for up to 70 percent of total energy use. Through energy efficiency upgrades, every retailer can save energy and money. LewLew offers a variety of energy efficient solutions that can help retailers of all sizes, including grocery, convenience, big-box and strip-mall stores, reduce energy costs.

Simple Solutions for Retailers

  • howcase your products in a new light. Save money by replacing halogen lamps with LED lamps
  • Freshen up the look and cost-efficiency of grocery sections by updating lighting throughout your store
  • Install energy-saving LED tube lamps and fixtures, which will reduce your lighting, heating and cooling loads - Lighting has always been critical to the success of any retail establishment, because it highlights the products and displays and creates an inviting environment for customers
  • Install LED lights and controls in your refrigerators – Cooler and Freezer door lighting replacement using LEDs are a popular upgrade, especially for convenience stores, not only for the energy savings but because of the improved display lighting as well
  • Use occupancy sensors to turn off lights at nights and when not in use
  • Establish temperature settings appropriate to the season, and use minimum settings when store is closed
  • Clean and maintain heating and cooling equipment regularly to help ensure efficiency
  • Increase perceived light levels in outdoor parking areas and cut related energy usage in half by upgrading to LED exterior fixtures

In today competitive marketplace, businesses of all sizes need to make every dollar count. Making your business more energy efficient is one sure way of making your money count. And, with some utility providing cash incentives to businesses to improve energy use this should be a no-brainer for business owners. When you decide to retrofit your existing buildings LewLew can help you with:

  • Financial incentives from utility
  • Technical services to help identify energy efficiency opportunities in your business
  • Simple, cost-effective solutions to maximize energy savings
  • No out-of-pocket financial programs

The first step in reducing your business energy costs is to identify inefficiencies and equipment that draws the most power from lighting to HVAC system. We work with your business to develop and execute custom plans that prioritize long-term savings. We use data to create information, helping you identify cost savings opportunities and implement solutions that directly reduce consumption, and increase your net operating profits.

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