Property Management

In today's competitive marketplace, businesses of all sizes need to make every dollar count. Making your business more energy efficient is one practical way to reduce operation costs, while improving productivity and enhance workplace efficiency. Energy use represents the single largest operating expense in commercial and multifamily residential properties. Reducing energy usage can increase net operating income and property valve.

Managing Energy Costs in Multifamily Residences

Reducing energy consumption is one way to improve both the profitability and value of any property. Utilities costs are typically around 45 percent of overall operating costs, making it the single largest controllable cost in multifamily housing. Property managers for buildings where rent includes utility cost have a clear interest in investing in efficient building shell components, heating and cooling equipment, and appliances. Energy use in these units represents an uncontrolled expense for managers because there are typically few limits on the energy such tenants may consume. Retrofitting sub metering equipment into such units is one way to encourage those tenants to take control of their own energy expenditures. In buildings where tenants pay their own energy costs, offering “green leases” is a way to enable tenants to share in the cost of those energy-efficiency upgrades that they benefit from.

A good place to start with any energy-reduction program is to do a good first step walk-through energy assessment. Armed with the information from the assessment managers can take advantage of small opportunities that require little or no up-front capital investment such as:

  • Turn off lights
  • Replace all lighting with LED lighting
  • Prevent waste in water use and heating
  • Control plug loads
  • Clean refrigerator coils and check the gaskets
  • Make use of the sun
  • Tune-up furnace and replace filter
  • Install lighting controls
  • Install programmable thermostats.

Managing Energy Costs in Offices

Conservation measures represent good investments. Most will not only save money but will also enhance both the aesthetics of your office, and the productivity of your workers. Many office buildings can benefit from quick low-cost/no-cost energy-saving solutions like turning thinks off, and turning things down. Longer-term solutions should be considered, such as:

  • Lighting, if your building uses T12 or T8 changing to LED lighting can reduce your lighting energy consumption by up to 50 percent
  • Install Demand-controlled ventilation
  • Install solar to reduce peak demand charges
  • Install lighting controls
  • Install programmable thermostats.

Adjust electricity usage pattern and get cash payment

Demand response program shift electric consumption patterns to take advantage of lower energy rates based on the time of day or to receive payments designed to lower electricity use when electric system reliability is at risk.

Integrated Approach

LewLew improves energy economics with an integrated approach to minimize the project payback period and reduce your overall electricity costs. We do this by employing multiple, integrated strategies such as reducing consumption through energy efficiency; shifting high peak demand (high cost) for electricity through solar generated electric. Solar arrays are most efficient on hot summer afternoons when electricity rates are the highest.

Energy Management System

Energy management system is an active and ongoing practice. Our system can reduce overall building operating expenses by automatically controlling building equipment so that it operate more efficiently, providing automatic maintenance alerts directly to the engineers no matter where they are, reduce expensive maintenance and downtime, and extend equipment life. When you decide to retrofit your existing buildings, LewLew can help with:

  • Financial incentives from your utility
  • Technical services to help identify energy saving opportunities
  • Simple, cost – effective solutions to maximize savings
  • No out-of-pocket cost to upgrade your facility
  • Improve the market appeal of your property through enhanced lighting design and state-of-the-art energy management system.

Reducing energy consumption is one sure way to increase asset value. Market research indicates that green and energy-efficient properties lease more rapidly at higher rents, and have higher property value.

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