LED Lighting

Improve your business with better lighting and controls

Businesses can get generous cash incentives of up to 80% for energy efficiency upgrades through utility program.

Lighting system provides many opportunities for cost-effective energy savings with little or no inconvenience. For years, we thought little about lighting, we were called upon to make few decisions about our lights because the choices were very limited. That has all changed. Lighting is undergoing a technology revolution never seen before, the century-old light bulb is steadily ceding ground to its high-tech successor LED. LEDs offer the potential to control, manipulate and use light in an entirely new way. In many cases, current lighting systems can be improved and operation costs can be reduced at the same time, lighting and control improvements are now an excellent investment for your business.


Upgrading to LED lighting and controls is the easiest way for businesses to lower energy costs according to the Department of Energy, occupancy and sensors can further reduce electricity waste by upwards of 30%, and in some cases, even more. In many buildings lights are still left on when they’re not needed, it's relatively easy and affordable to retrofit a building to include sensors to turn lights off when spaces are unoccupied. Utilities across the country is now offering generous cash incentives to help small, medium, and large businesses to lower energy costs and save money through energy efficiency upgrades. The benefits of LED lighting include:

Reduced Energy Costs: Improve your overall lighting quality with LED and sensor light fixtures

Lower Maintenance Costs: Less changing of light, LEDs last up to 50 times longer. This greatly reduces the costs of replacing bulbs

Improved Lighting Quality: LEDs provide an even distribution of light and are available in a variety of styles, and colors to fit most applications

Reduces Cooling Costs: LED light fixtures produce very little heat.

It Pays to Improve Lighting

Lighting is the predominant use of electricity in commercial buildings, and account for over one-third of the costs of energy. Whether you are running a corner market, commercial warehouse, dry cleaner, auto shop, gym, parking garage or public facility, LewLew Energy can help to improve your bottom line through energy efficient solutions. Lighting impacts your business – not just your energy bill. Research shows that it also affects worker satisfaction, mood and productivity, lighting can also affect customer mood, which can significantly influence sales, so it’s crucial to get it right.

Lighting is critical to the success of any retail establishment because it highlights products, and displays creating an inviting environment for consumers.

Even if you upgraded to energy-efficient lighting, you can still trim your utility bill by integrating advanced lighting controls that will enable your facility to have light when and where it’s needed. Advanced controls allow you to adjust lighting levels based on the number of people in a space and their activities. Installing lighting control system will also, enable building owners to significantly reduce energy costs while improving occupant comfort and the environment. Theses controls can also, provide important data allowing building owners and managers to managed their energy usage, plan better for future procurement, and improve efficiency.


Occupancy Sensors that adjust lighting levels depending on the presence of people in a specific space can typically reduce lighting-related energy use by up to 25%

Task Tuning, also called high-end trim, enables individual occupants to adjust lighting levels to suit their unique needs, this typically amounts to up to 30% energy use savings

Daylight Harvesting take advantage of the abundant of natural light by using sensors to adjust lighting as needed, in relation to how much natural light is present. This can reduce your energy usage by up to 28%. Lighting retrofit improves the quality of light in your facility and create a positive impact on your environment. While the main benefit is lower energy and water bills, other benefits include:

  • Greater control over lighting
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Reduced lamp replacement and labor costs
  • Increased profitability and asset value
  • Lower operating building costs
  • Task tuning, occupancy data and daylight harvesting increase savings

Businesses face several obstacles in their quest to reduce and manage energy costs, chief among them according to a 2012 Study by The Institute for Building Efficiency, is a lack of funding to develop a sustainable energy future. Energy efficiency upgrades bring significant cost savings, by upfront costs act as a barrier to more widespread investment. In response, utilities across the country have ramped up offering up to 80% cash incentives to businesses to cover energy efficiency retrofits. Plus, some utilities are now offering "On-Bill finance" with zero interest for 24 months to qualify businesses so they can eliminate any upfront capital expenses, this can be a very useful way to finance an energy efficiency project. Your final cost for installed energy improvements can easily pay for themselves with the energy savings you’re gaining.

As an Approved Trade Ally, LewLew Energy can assist you with completing applications for approval, and install the approved project improvements to make the process easier for your business so you can focus on you other priorities.

We're making it easier and more affordable than ever for you to reduce your energy costs and make your business more profitable

Let us help your business

  • Reduce the cost of upgrading to energy efficient equipment and systems
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce long term electric energy costs and operating expenses
  • Create a win-win scenario for your business and the environment

With lighting being the largest energy user in your business, it makes sense to eliminate waste wherever you can. If your business uses old fluorescent lamps called T12 or even T8s, retrofitting your fixtures with LED can reduce your utility bill by up to 30%

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LewLew Energy will help you through the rebate process – Take advantage of the generous cash incentives from your utility for energy efficiency upgrades.