For restaurants, hotels, and motels improving energy performance can reduce operating costs substantially, increase guest comfort and create an edge on your competitors. Restaurants use the most energy of any commercial building with about 80 percent of energy use going to refrigeration, lighting, heating, and cooling, water and cooking. Making simple improvements to reduce energy consumption could translate into improve sales and increase margins. We offer a variety of energy saving solutions to help restaurants, hotels, and motels reduce their energy costs:

  • Optimize the dining experience and set the atmosphere by replacing your T8 and T12, Incandescent, and Halogen lamps with LED lighting
  • Energy Management System to maximize comfort and energy efficiency
  • Install our TerraValve System to reduce your water/sewer bills
  • Install HVAC Room Controls in guestrooms will increase customer satisfaction and reduce your energy consumption by up to 30 percent plus extending the life of your equipment.

Lighting Retrofit

Lighting typically accounts for about 25 percent of a restaurant's energy bills and up to 60 percent of hotels and motels. Lighting retrofit improves the quality of light in your facility and creates a positive impact on your customers, and employees, plus lower electric bills. LewLew can complete most projects at little to no-out-of-pocket cost with realized savings years after installation.

Why Energy Management?

Managing your facility energy use is smart and can lead to immediate reduction in consumption, plus unbelievable costs savings; but, total energy management can result in permanent energy reduction and cost savings that enhances the valve of your business. Installing energy management systems that help to identify equipment failures or malfunctions is an option applicable to all types of hotels, and motels. These systems not only identify malfunctions before they can do further damage to the equipment they also help preserve your facility's comfort and air quality.

Eliminate air from your pipeline and reduce your water/sewer bills

Air in water lines is one of the most common problems related to water supply. Water meters calculate both air and water passing through the meter. This is very unfriendly to water users' budget, since they are the ones forced to pay for extra volume. With teravalve you can eliminate air from your pipeline just before the water meter by creating a backpressure in the water flow. This backpressure compresses all water bubbles by breaking them into molecular size air particles. Benefit includes:

  • Lower water bills
  • Reduce maintenance of your pipelines and plumbing appliances
  • Maintain consistent water pressure throughout your water/sewer system
  • Improve meter accuracy
  • Eliminate “Air Slugs” from your water system
  • Eliminate excessive water consumption

We offer the only patented product on the market that address water conservation in the heart of the system, as opposed to pressure reducing valves that go on shower heads and faucets. when installed at the shower head or faucet the change in pressure becomes very noticeable and irritating to the resident/hotel guest. When installed in the heart of the water system you are still reducing gallons per minute and no one can feel a pressure reduction.

Additional Software Features

Our system is able to issue notifications to inform your engineer that a possible leak is within your water system, on the electrical side we are able to predict maintenance by having an alert once kwh exceeds the baseline, indicating bearing or windings might be failing, plus when an equipment does not exceed a certain point for so many minutes you receive an alert.

Take control of HVAC to lower your electric bills

Many hotels and motels can benefit from quick low-cost or no-cost solutions for saving energy in various parts of their operations:

  • Make sure that HVAC settings in lobbies, offices, and other such peripheral rooms are at minimum settings during hours of low use
  • Set laundry hot water temperatures to 120 Fahrenheit. This is a good temperature for all hot water uses outside of the kitchen, where codes are specific about water temperature
  • Make sure that all pools and hot tubs are covered after hours to diminish heat loss. Covering a heated pool can save 50 to 70 percent of the pool's energy use, 30 to 50 percent of its makeup water, and 35 to 60 percent of its chemicals
  • Since hallway lights are on all day and night at most hotels and motels, there's great potential for savings in reducing the consumption of those lighting fixtures. If hallways have skylights or other natural light and your lighting has dimming capabilities, dim those lights by 30 percent during daytime hours

Mold and mildew damage to wallpaper, carpet, and other materials caused by high humidity levels are big problems in hotels, and motels. Causes include leaks in the building envelope in humid areas, oversized HVAC systems, poorly balanced air-handling system, and insufficient moisture-removal capacity of vapor-compression HVAC systems. Hotels and motels can use outdoor-air economizers with air-handling units so that outdoor air can be used for free cooling during spring and fall or for building precooling on summer nights when the humidity level is not too high.

Heating and cooling are an important aspect of creating an appealing atmosphere in full service and casual dining facilities in hotels and motels. Equipment tune-ups and upgrades are also options for improving energy efficiency because they ensure optimal performance. And, with your utility company offering incentives for tune-ups and some of these upgrades this is a real no brainer to getting started.

Demand Response

Hotel and Motels are great fit for Demand response program. Demand response program shift electric consumption patterns to take advantage of lower energy rates based on the time of day or to receive incentive payments designed to lower electricity use when electric system's reliability is at risk.

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