Fixed Price for Natural Gas

You now have the choice to switch supplier and save on your Natural Gas bill

Fixed Price Product offers budget stability for your natural gas budget by reducing your exposure to market volatility. LewLew, Inc. works with you to analyze your historical natural gas usage profile and offer you a competitive fixed rate for the length of your contract agreement.

Fixed Price products are attractive to customers who want to protect themselves from rising markets or who must meet established budget objectives.

How it Works

Lock in a supply price for a specified contract period

Guaranteed Ability to Meet Budget Objectives

  • Right product and price
  • Reliable supply from our suppliers
  • No surprises

Cash Flow Management

  • Single price and defined contract period
  • Locked in regardless of market prices
  • Competitive advantage when prices increase
  • No cost to your company for switching

The terms and conditions of contracts may vary based on regional legislation and your individual load profile, but our natural gas offering typically includes the following business benefits:

  • Our contracts are typically available in terms of 1 to 36 mont
  • Carbon Offsets

Is the Fixed Price Product right for your business?

  • Is budget control very important to your business?
  • Do you have the time, expertise or interest to actively manage natural gas procurement?
  • Does your company have tolerance for price volatility?
  • Are you a commercial or industrial business?

Support Environmental Responsibility with Carbon Offsets. Develop a cleaner energy plan by purchasing carbon offsets for a percentage of your energy consumption.

Switching Process is Very Simple

Your natural gas supply is still delivered to your business by the local distribution or utility company in your service area.

  • This local distribution or utility company will continue to provide maintenance, read your meter and respond to emergency service calls.
  • We shop the market securing your natural gas supply at a competitive rate
  • Depending on the supplier you choose, you will get your same bill or a separate bill from the supplier of your natural gas
  • Your natural gas is still distributed through the same regulated transmission and distribution system, like it is now – nothing changes. We handle the paperwork to make switching as hassle–free as possible.

What rate can your company get?

You can get a no-cost, no-obligation natural gas quote from us at any time. Just complete our simple online form and a LewLew, Inc. Energy Business Representative will contact you with a quote and answers to any of your questions. Call us at 202-559-9289, email us at sales@lewlewinc.com or fax us a copy of your most recent bills 866.573.9235 to learn more about fixed price natural gas choices for your business.