Fixed Price Electricity

You now have the choice to switch suppliers and save on your electricity bill!

You can continue to buy your electricity from your utility company. Or, you can choose to buy your energy from a supplier. State regulators now allow licensed suppliers to supply electricity to utility customers – at prices that are often lower than utility prices! It’s your choice who you buy electricity from. We already helped thousands of businesses lower their electricity rate. Let’s us help you find a supplier to lower your rate today!

Energy Products for Your Business

Remember when projecting your company’s annual energy costs were easy? Our goal is to help make that process easy once again. We search the market for the best innovative long-term price protection solution designed to help you gain control over your costs and manage your downside risk.

Price Protection Advantage

While lowering energy costs is important, for some it is even more critical to control costs. We offer price protection agreements to lock-in your gas and electricity costs; you are guaranteeing that the commodity supply portion of your energy bill will not change for the term of your agreement.

How does this work?

Simply put, our business is here to find you the best solution to reduce your energy costs, for specific periods of time, at a guaranteed price. With our wide group of suppliers buying power, and our energy market expertise, we’re able to offer you the best rate for electricity and wind power. This means that when you sign a contract you can rest assured that your commodity supply is already in place and that the price is, therefore, guaranteed.

Five Reasons why the Price Protection Program is good for your Business

  • Competitive Pricing – Because our partners are constantly monitoring the energy market conditions, including exchange rates, forward prices and other indicators, we’re able to take advantage of opportunities arising from market volatility. This, combined with our company's commitment to supporting the commercial and industrial market, means that we are always looking to provide you with competitive pricing options.
  • Potential for Savings – In addition to enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing what your energy commodity rate cost will not change from month to month, but will stay the same for the life of the contract, you’ll benefit from knowing you’re paying less than you would have at a variable or market rate.
  • Flexible Terms – We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach simply isn’t realistic for today’s budget-conscious business community, we offer terms to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for short-term price protection or would like to extend that certainty and stability over the longer term, we have solutions that can work for your business.
  • Seamless Service – When you choose to do business with LewLew, you can expect seamless service.
  • Fixed Rate - With our Fixed Price electricity product, you pay a single, fixed price for all of your electricity usage for the term of one, two or three years.

Protect Against Market Volatility

The price you pay for electricity is locked in for the duration of your term, regardless of what happens with market prices. You will have no exposure to the volatility of electricity prices.

Ideal For

Businesses that want price stability and budget certainty to protect their bottom line.

How it Works

Even as market prices continue to fluctuate, you pay a fixed priced for all of your electricity usage.

Increase Budget Predictability

Since you know the price you will pay for electricity for a defined period of time, you can more easily predict what your electricity costs will be and avoid surprises that could negatively impact your bottom line.

Competitive Rates

We do the shopping for your business. You Save, that simple!

Terms of Choice

Since each business and organization has different needs, a wide selection of yearly terms is available.

Switching Process is Very Simple

Your electricity supply is still delivered to your business by the local distribution or utility company in your service area.

  • This local distribution or utility company will continue to provide maintenance, read your meter and respond to emergency service calls
  • We shop the market securing your electricity supply at a competitive rate
  • Depending on the supplier you choose, you will get your same bill or a separate bill from the supplier of your electricity
  • Your electricity is still distributed through the same regulated transmission and distribution system, like it is now – nothing changes. We handle the paperwork to make switching as hassle–free as possible.

What Rate can your Company get?

You can get a no-cost, no-obligation electricity quote from us at any time. Just complete our simple online form and a LewLew Energy Business Representative will contact you with a quote and answers to any of your questions. Call us at 202-559-9289, email us at sales@lewlewinc.com or fax us a copy of your most recent bills 866.573.9235 to learn more about fixed price electricity choices for your business.