Energy Management

Leverage real-time building data to uncover resource savings, identify performance inefficiencies, and drive improvement to reduce energy costs.

Big data analytics – using software engines and algorithm to process and analyze large quantities of data to provide insights into how customers behave is changing the way companies do business across the economy, and energy is no exception. For decades utilities offered energy efficiency and demand response (DR) programs as a means of saving energy for customers, and reducing the need for more generating capacity to meet demand. In recent years utilities and energy efficiency providers have started using data analytics to provide new insights into how this can be done.


Using data analytics utilities can offer behavioral demand-side management (DSM) platforms to customers through energy reports, web portals, and mobile apps. By using these solutions customers would receive personalized energy consumption information; social and historical comparisons of energy use; targeted recommendations for decreasing consumption; and notifications or alerts for high energy bills, outages, or demand response events. In this way, behavioral DSM programs encourages customers to reduce their energy consumption through changes in their behavior.

Another method to reduce energy use through data analytics is call DSM, a method that finds opportunities for saving through equipment monitoring, strategic energy management, operator training, and data analytics. Although in development for the last decade, behavioral and analytics DSM are relatively new methods for discovering and promoting energy savings. The data approach has the potential to unlock energy savings beyond what traditional utility energy efficiency programs have been able to achieve.

Technology marching on: Every aspect of a building’s systems has become more complicated, and lighting is a big part of that. Rather than try to keep up with the rapid changes in lighting technology themselves, building owners and managers are beginning to look to companies like LewLew Energy to provide these lighting systems.

Compelling business case: Advanced lighting and controls systems can save significant amount of energy, but, only with optimized operation. Perhaps even more important than direct energy savings; the information gained through a lighting system’s sensors can be used to inform space-use decisions and facilities management in a way that can significantly affect a user’s bottom line.

Building codes: Updates to California’s Title 24, the American Society of Heating – Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 90.1, and the International Energy Conservation Code include increasingly strict requirements for lighting control; from occupancy sensing, to daylight usage, to multi-step or continuous dimming. While none of these codes mandate a network lighting control system or third-party management, each requires a significant role for lighting controls.

Alerts and notifications: Building operators can instantly be notified of sensor or meter failures, issues or spikes. Threshold alerts can also enable immediate action to mitigate unplanned overages

Easier Energy Management – Saving You Time and Money


While running your day-to-day operations, property managers are increasingly being called upon by owners and tenants to reduce energy expenses and increase ENERGY STAR scores. Property managers LewLew Energy can save you days of work, and our service is less expensive than conventional methods such as using time-consuming error prone spreadsheets, hiring a consultant or launching a capital project.


Property managers who use our energy management solution understand they have a time saving tool at their finger tip. They know it is the easiest way to:

  • Generate Tenant Bills and energy Reports
       1. Automated tenant billing (get paid faster too)
       2. Automated budget and variance reporting
       3. Automatic ENERGY STAR data synchronization
       4. Pushed email reports and easy mobile access
  • Reduce Energy Usage by up to 25%
       1. 3-6 months payback with no capital investment
       2. Automatically identifies, quantifies, and track savings opportunities
       3. Actionable data to optimize building management system, validate capital projects savings, and ensure your savings continue
  • Deliver More Value to Tenants and Owners
       1. Tenants: More efficient buildings are more desirable to lease and have higher tenant satisfaction
       2. Owners: Lower energy expenses increase property value
       3. Stakeholders: Share simple reports documenting savings and ENERGY STAR improvements

The ideal is “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” In short, building owners and building operators can have confidence that energy management project will deliver results. This multi-step process involves making a commitment, assessing performance, setting goals, creating an action plan, implementing the action plan, evaluating progress and recognizing achievements. Most companies do not have an accurate overview of how much energy it consumes and why. LewLew Energy provide solutions that consistently lower costs, simplify operations and help deliver compliance and sustainability goals.

Create Action Plan

With goals in place, your business is now poised to develop a roadmap to improve efficiency. LewLew Energy has a detailed action plan to ensure a systematic process to implement energy efficient measures. While the scope and scale of the action plan is often dependent on the business, the steps below outline a basic starting point for creating a plan:

  • Evaluate technical assessment and audit results – identify gaps between current performance and goals by reviewing your audit report
  • Determine technical steps – identify the steps necessary for upgrading and moving facilities from current efficiency to the desired level as defined by the goals starting from the low hanging fruits.

Your goals or mission should be to improve energy consumption, reduce costs, optimize capital investment for energy efficiency, reduce environmental and greenhouse gas emission, and ensure natural resources in the community in which you conduct business.

LewLew Energy is a trusted Energy Service Provider working with several utility companies across the country, helping business owners to identify and respond to cost-saving opportunities. Contact us to get started today.