Rooftop (RTU) HVAC System


The Catalyst – A complete Retrofit Solution

No matter the stage of your energy efficiency strategy, the CATALYST can meet you where you’re at:

  • Smart Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for those looking for supply fan control. Includes CATALYST ventilation and equipment protection features
  • Full-featured CATALYST with Tridium BMS scheduling and comfort control of HVAC with optional lighting and portfolio asset management resources
  • Building Automation Solution with web-based visualization of RTU efficiency, system performance, fault detection, and energy accountability tools

Optimized your RTU system to give you access ANYWHERE. With our solutions, you have real-time energy consumption monitoring and assurance that the CATALYST’s high-tech monitoring system will give you around the clock access to your HVAC assets such as:

Web-Based Access – Access the system anytime, anywhere from any authorized computer with internet connection

Demand Reduction – Use preset parameters or monitor an automated signal from the local utility to limit consumption

Real-Time Energy Consumption Monitoring – Capture and report the actual energy savings of the installed devices

Building Management Controls – Easily integrate with most BMS or use as its own open protocol BMS capable of controlling lighting, HVAC and key card access day-to-day operational pains are eliminated

Fault Detection and Diagnostics – Actively monitor performance of equipment including abnormalities which trigger alarms and notifications

Preventative Maintenance Cost Avoidance – By monitoring the performance and system operating temperatures, insight to equipment conditions can enable maintenances work to be schedule as needed.

Our system can upgrade your old RTUs by adding modern features such as economizers, variable frequency drives, and building automation solution. With this system build owners can see large savings compared to the energy costs for their building. By combining VFD with Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) and both Advanced and Predictive Economization, the CATALYST significantly reduces HVAC energy consumption while also providing powerful tools that empower facility and energy managers.


Energy benchmarking is one of many energy initiatives created by the District Department of the Environment. As part of the Clean and Affordable Energy Act, energy benchmarking was implemented to gather information about energy efficiency in the built environment. Without meaningful comparisons, it is very difficult to know whether a building is operating efficiently. This collection of data will allow property owners to quickly see how efficient their buildings are so that they can make the appropriate retrofits or operational adjustments. By continuing to benchmark energy, the District of Columbia will be able to monitor efficiency improvements moving forward and will set an excellent example for other cities that are looking to go green.

The CATALYST system:

Industry Evaluated – The Department of Energy (DOE) validated the CATALYST energy saving strategy

Strong utility Support – Utilities across the country offer prescriptive incentives for CATALYST

Easy Integration – Pre-wired kit can be installed into existing HVAC system or total retrofit

Improved Efficiency – Demand Control Ventilation and Advance Economization improve efficiency

Go beyond Automation – Enhanced insight into the equipment provides detailed fault detection and diagnostics

Proven Energy Savings – Cut up to 50% of operational costs with the CATALYST.

The CATALYST will transform your HVAC system into a Smart Energy Saving Machines.

Intelligent Solution for RTUs

  • Reduce RTU energy use by up to 57%
  • Combine fan speed control, sensors, hardware and intelligence
  • Automatically adjust airflow for cooling and heating modes to protect HVAC equipment

Extends the equipment life

  • Soft start of the fan motors reduces belt, pulley, and motor wear
  • Advanced economizer technique reduces compressor runtime

Qualifies for Utility Incentives

  • Widespread support from utilities
  • Financial incentives reduce capital cost
  • Subsidies can cover 50 to 70% of the project costs

Better for the Occupants

  • Maintain comfort levels and indoor air quality
  • Reduces the amount of humidity in the space
  • Slower fan speeds have less air noise and eliminate drafts

Evaluated by Experts

  • Tested and validated by both utilities and third-party efficiency organizations
  • Department of Energy study confirmed reduced energy usage by an average of 57 percent.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Issues are identified sooner, reducing costly repairs
  • Protects equipment from downtime and supports system efficiency
  • Notifications and email alerts inform when comfort levels are changing
  • Diagnostic tools allow service providers to identify and often resolve problems remotely

Retrofitting existing RTUs with advanced packaged controllers improves functionality and offer potential savings of up to 50 percent with a typical payback of one to four years. For RTUs serving large spaces with intermittent occupancy like auditoriums, cafeterias, parking garages, and conference rooms, DCV can offer big savings. The system detects occupancy by measuring the level of carbon dioxide present in the return airstream. High levels of carbon dioxide indicate the presence of people; low levels indicate their absence. This strategy decreases the amount of ventilation produced by the HVAC system during low-occupancy periods, and can result in energy savings.

Economizer save energy by drawing in outside air to cool the building instead of using mechanically refrigerated air. In many applications, a fully functioning economizer can cut a building’s total energy consumption by up to 20 percent.

LewLew Energy is very excited to provide such innovative solutions to building owners, and managers as they look beyond lighting to the next level of energy conservation to reduce operational costs. It’s time to learn how this easy-to-install upgrade to your existing HVAC equipment can help reduce your energy bill, provide detailed performance insight, and keep more money going to your bottom line. Contact us today for more information.