Do you have multiple sites or properties managed by building management system? Then the CATALYST Lite is your right solution.

The innovative CATALYST Lite can easily be applied to any packaged RTU with a 3-phase supply fan motor. Often, the CATALYST Lite can be transferred from one RTU to another of the same size and horsepower with no additional programming; making it perfect for organizations with aging equipment.

Why choose the CATALYST Lite over a simple drive product?

The CATALYST Lite is a variation of the patented, award-winning. CATALYST, the leading RTU retrofit solution and the only product validated and tested by the U.S. Department of Energy, proving an average energy savings of over 50%.

PROTECTS: Protects the HVAC unit against airflow deficiencies, which can cause refrigerant flooding, coil icing, and high-temperature conditions

Monitors: Monitors smoke/fire detector signal to provide positive shutdown of HVAC supply fan even if the VFD has been placed in a local control override

ASSURES: Assure code compliance and proper ventilation with synchronous control of the outside air damper position in conjunction with fan speed variations

INTEGRATES: Integrates with most existing building automation systems to allow drive reset, fan speed override, or speed indication

RECOGNIZES: Recognizes economizer cooling calls, not just mechanical cooling calls, and increase fan speed

CHECKS: Checks for a positive indication that the fan is running prior to allowing heating or cooling operation

PROVIDES: Provides users with path for future upgrade to the full version of the CATALYST and its many additional benefits

INSTALLS: Installed by trained local technicians rather than roving installation teams, for long-term support to end-users.

We talk to many facility managers who are responsible for tens if not hundreds of facilities – who are under the notion that you “run to fail” or replace when broken. This approach appears to have become the rule rather than exception in the past few years. It is more cost-effective to keep HVAC equipment if possible than it is to replace it "early."

CATALYST Lite is a powerful energy efficiency upgrade kit that converts constant volume HVAC systems from single-speed to variable-speed, reducing fan energy use by an average of 70%. CATALYST Lite can be applied to any packaged rooftop unit (RTU) with a 3-phase supply fan motor.

Our solution can cost-effectively improve RTU energy performance and operational oversight

Unfortunately, over their lifetime, RTUs are typically neglected. Now couple this with the fact that RTUs have many moving parts (e.g., belt driven fans, compressors, actuating dampers, etc.) and because these are components purchased with the least cost in mind, maintenance and energy costs can quickly derail the originally intended low-cost solution. Yet replacing RTUs, before their end-of-life is not cost-effective. Purchasing a new, higher efficiency unit plus the installation costs does not make financial sense until the RTU has achieved its expected fifteen to twenty years of service. Facility managers find themselves in a catch-22. They want to improve their company’s bottom line by reducing unnecessary HVAC energy spend and the frequency of maintenance service calls during the RTU’s last 5 to 10 years of service.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Advanced RTU Controllers (ARC) are a retrofit technology that can cost-effectively improve RTU energy performance and operational oversight. ARCs can reduce HVAC energy usage in four ways:

  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • Advanced Economization
  • Predictive Economization

ARCs can typically operate in a standalone configuration, autonomously providing energy savings. Yet to sustain proper operation long-term and realize their full energy savings potential, ARCs are best deployed with web connectivity or through a building automation system (BAS). Connectivity enables facility managers and service providers to have remote control and oversight across RTU assets. With automation, you get to know immediately when a supply fan belt begins slipping, compressor or heating system failures occur, or outdoor air dampers are not economizing properly.

Building managers are using CATALYST technology to optimize their customer comfort and reduce energy costs. Start using the CATALYST today to:

  • Optimize HVAC Operation
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Control Humidity
  • Balance Space Pressurization
  • Reduce Energy Costs by up to 50%

Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary product.