Are you waiting for your equipment to fail?

Harness the power of our tracking and benchmarking solutions to empower your decision making. We constantly monitor your utility data, run weather-adjusted models, and conduct building-level analysis. With our report, you receive the most important, actionable insights gleaned from your utility data – such as:

  • How are each of my building performing, and which one should I focus on improving?
  • How much am I spending on utilities, and how does that spend changing from year to year?
  • Is my energy and water usage as expected, and if not, what’s happening?
  • Are my building upgrade projects saving as much energy and water as promised? How much?
  • Regular checks to ensure all your utility accounts are up-to-date
  • Updates when we notice potential performance issues with the buildings in your portfolio

Today more than ever, monitoring your building portfolios’ energy and water performance means good business. Tracking your facilities’ water and energy consumption help identify new areas for efficiency, and are strategically important to any organization. As a leading provider of energy and water efficient solutions, LewLew Energy implement technologies to make buildings less costly to operate.


Are you interested in reducing your utility costs but in the dark on where to begin?

LewLew Energy offers the solution – a flexible monitoring service that provides comprehensive, easy-to-use reports of your buildings' electric, water, gas, and oil performance, allowing you to save time, save money and make informed energy decisions for your properties.

  • Energy prices are playing an increasing role in your budget. How can you manage energy and water costs without compromising business performance and staff productivity?
  • Energy – efficiency goals are now part of your organization's overall strategic goals. How can you track the results and measure the success of your projects?

What you don’t know about your water and energy consumption can cost you. Benchmarking can demystify where your water and energy goes, let you take control of consumption and help you get more for your bucks.

We talk to many property owners and managers – who lament their official corporate policy of “we have it under control.” How do you manage what you can’t see? The problem with this approach is that, you may be improving your most efficient building in your portfolio. From what we have seen in some organizations no analysis is performed regarding planned upgrades; the philosophy is to go on a feel, and will often conclude that the potential savings do not justify the cost of upgrades.

The multi-step process of benchmarking your building involves making a commitment, assessing performance, setting goals, creating an action plan, implementing the action plan, evaluating progress, and recognizing achievements.

Benchmarking takes the guessing out of efficiency investment.

It can be challenging to effectively manage usage, identify the right efficiency upgrades, and find funding to execute projects in a way that will help your facility achieve its energy goals. LewLew Energy has a dedicated team ready to help businesses integrate energy-saving systems plus, utilities across the country is offering up to 80 percent cash incentive, giving customers the ability to fund energy conservation measures.

Take the first step toward improving your energy performance. Contact us today to get started.